Revenue Estimation Model Introductory Training – October 6th, 2016

The Renaissance Institute (RI) and the International Growth Center (IGC) visited the Joint Public Accounts Committee (JPAC) and representatives from other key economic committees at the Hluttaw in Naypyitaw. The meeting introduced Parliamentarians to a Revenues Estimation Model (REM) first developed by Professor Robert Conrad from Duke University and Mr. Andrea Smurra from the International Growth Center.

At a previous meeting with Dr. Conrad, parliamentarians expressed interest in using revenue estimation to exercise oversight of the Internal Revenue Department. Since then, RI and IGC updated the model first developed in 2013 in order to provide it to the JPAC. At this training, the various uses of the model were presented. Parliamentarians can use the model to ask questions about anomalies in revenue collection data, to understand whether exogenous shocks or new tax policies are driving revenue changes, and to evaluate the results of different policy and administrative changes.

This meeting is the first part of training the JPAC to use the REM. The next step is to extensively train a few members and supporting staff to use the model. From there, these members can work with the rest of the committee to champion the model as a starting point for more consistent and targeted oversight of Union-level taxation in Myanmar.

Renaissance Institute and IGC would be happy to share this model and train other interested parties to use it. It is a tool to that can assist groups interested in tax reform and budget oversight. Please contact us for more information.

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