<a href="http://rimyanmar.org/en/capacity-building-training-to-the-mps-of-nld-party-from-states-and-regions/"><b>Capacity Building Training to the MPs of NLD Party from States and Regions.</b></a><p>After 2015 election, RI provides the Budget Training to the elected MPs of NLD Party from States and Regions in  corporation with NLD Economic Committee.</p> <a href="http://rimyanmar.org/en/revenue-estimation-model-introductory-training/"><b>Revenue Estimation Model Introductory Training – October 6th, 2016</b></a><p>The Renaissance Institute (RI) and the International Growth Center (IGC) visited the Joint Public Accounts Committee (JPAC) and representatives from other key economic</p> <a href="http://rimyanmar.org/en/parliamentary-meeting-october-10th-2016/"><b>Parliamentary Meeting – October 10th, 2016</b></a><p>The Revenue Estimation Model training gave way to more extensive discussion the following week when Professor Robert Conrad visited Myanmar. This was Dr. Conrad’s second meeting with the Joint Public</p> <a href="http://rimyanmar.org/en/yangon-regional-tax-reform-workshop-october-13th-2016/"><b>Yangon Regional Tax Reform Workshop – October 13th, 2016</b></a><p>The Renaissance Institute and Professor Bob Conrad led a tax and public financial management workshop with members of the Yangon region government. The workshop featured two parts: A discussion of</p> <a href="http://rimyanmar.org/en/participatory-budgeting-policy-note-launch-october-14th-2016/"><b>Participatory Budgeting Policy Note Launch – October 14th, 2016</b></a><p>The Renaissance Institute launched a policy note on participatory reforms in the budget process. This note was meant to jumpstart discussion about reform strategies </p>